Comité Exécutif

Composé de 12 membres, le Comité Exécutif Europe est responsable de la gestion d'Allianz Global Investors Europe.

Tobias Pross

Tobias Pross
Head of Europe, Middle East and Africa, chairing the European Executive Committee




Irshaad Ahmad,

Head of Institutional Europe


Franck Dixmier.
Global Head of Fixed Income, Allianz Global Investors



Wolfgang Mader
Head of Investment & Risk Strategy



Ingo Mainert.
Chief Investment Officer Multi Asset Europe

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Mathias Mueller
Head of Retail Europe



Michael Peters
Chief Operating Officer Europe

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Walter Ohms

Walter Ohms
Chief Financial Officer Europe



Sven Schaefer
Head of Products Europe



Thomas Schindler

Head of Legal & Compliance Europe



Joerg de Vries-Hippen

Chief Investment Officer Europe